English Trailers

What’s the point of watching trailers? Well, nearly all of the trailers we see today are on YouTube, and it’s such a powerful tool to advertise with. Personally, I love (re)watching trailers to get a quick summary of the film.

But what’s the specific importance of a trailer? It attracts an audience to a film before its release, we know that much. The people behind a trailer’s production will put different sections from the film to create a story similar to that of the film’s, irrespective of the chronology. 

Often, these trailers employ a song from the soundtrack. All I’m saying, is that we should pay more attention to it. We’ve all seen film trailers. Action films have that quick pace and loud, epic music in the background. Horror films give a little sneak freak. We know the drill already! This is my collection of my favourite trailers, one at a time.

“All the promise of a movie is in the trailer.” - A.D. Posey